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Just like the discipline of Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences too have been compelled to move from pure theoretical accumulation of knowledge towards its application, especially with an aim to minimize human misery and to promote the project of human development by developing appropriate strategies at the grass root level. Social Work is one such discipline that has evolved out of such a realization within the realm of social sciences that caters to the socially marginalized, poor, deprived and the disadvantaged groups through the experts trained for the purpose. Imparting training in Social Work has also been necessitated by the growing need for partnerships between the State, Civil society and the Non- governmental & private actors, in an effort to bring all sections of society under the ambit of development.

The Panjab University has started Masters of Social Work (M.S.W.) degree programme that combines education, practice, and community service for preparing the postgraduates to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities in a variety of human service settings. The M.S.W. programme intends to instill in its students a commitment to improve social conditions and address social problems. The .mission. is that our students shall be the job creators and not only the job seekers.

Through the teaching of social work knowledge and practice, this programme intends to prepare the students to actualize the concept of social caring, to demonstrate belief in the intrinsic value of all humankind, to serve those in need, and to act with conviction in advancing the principles of social justice and development.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Department of social work is committed to the following objectives:

  • To acculturate students to the social work profession including its history, purpose, values, code of ethics, and commitment to social service.
  • To provide students with the professional foundations, including broad knowledge and ethical use of skills, needed for competent, beginning level, social work practice within micro or macro systems and with a variety of client populations.
  • To help students understand the context of social work practice including agency and organizational dynamics, policy development, and the impact of these on clients and workers.
  • To increase awareness of and sensitivity to oppression and oppressed populations.
  • To develop students. understanding of discrimination and its impact and to encourage them to make /interventions for equality.
  • To promote self-awareness and the enhancement of students. capacity to know themselves and to use self effectively and appropriately within a professional context including: critical thinking, accepting responsibility for continued growth and development, learning to communicate effectively.
  • To provide a practice model for working with client systems that uses a process of problem identification, assessment, data collection, goal setting, contracting, intervention, termination and evaluation, and focus on the strengths of clients to solve problems
  • To provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to analyze the impact of policies on client groups and to influence resources and resource allocation, public policy, and social service delivery systems within the mission of the profession.
  • To provide students with research knowledge and skills so they can be effective consumers of research; can engage in competent research-based practice; and can effectively evaluate their own practice.

The course will offer ample choice of employment opportunities for the postgraduates and can fetch them bright career prospects in government and non- government sectors apart from the international and other private organizations working towards social welfare. The curriculum of this course has been developed in the light of emerging social scenario in the wake of globalization and its impact upon the job market in India and abroad.

They can work as project officers, programme coordinators, development consultants, field officers, counsellors, instructors, lecturers, social workers in the areas of medical & public health, education, family welfare, advocacy & human rights, development, funding and research etc.


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